Android Apps and Games


Below is a listing of our current free 
and commercial Android apps. 

Flyboy Jack

Submarine Jack II

Sudoku Rush

Sudoku Rush is a new type of Sudoku. Drag and drop numbers and bombs to clear squares on the grid. This Sudoku fights back as well...

Submarine Jack

Submarine Jack is a fun game where you dive through different levels and try to catch the evil submarine. Torpedo time!

ClickCal Pro

This is a calendaring revolution. ClickCalPro is the commercial version of our powerful Android calendar app. It includes a home screen widget as well.

ClickCal Free

ClickCal Free is our popular Android calendar app. It is free, but ad supported


MyPhotos is a simple photo album app. You can view your photos in daily or monthly views. You can also see all your photos for a day or month on a map. 
Photo details show all EXIF data including location if the photo has geotag information.

ClickNote Free

ClickNote is a free fast Android app for quick note taking. 


Reactor is a fun reaction speed testing game test. Try how far you can go!


 Wordoku is a word game based on Sudoku.


WordPoly is a word game where you try to figure out all the possible combinations of letters that make out valid words. 


WordRain is a word game in the spirit of Tetris. Guide the falling letters into place to form valid words.

Words Game

Words Game is a fun word game. Try to create 3-7 letter words out of the random 7 letters given. Race against the clock! Every new word adds a bonus time - the longer the word the longer the time bonus.


Crashed is an app that makes your phone look like it had a system crash. 

Wordoku Duel

2-player real-time word game. Race against each other on one split screen. 

WordPoly Duel

Multi-player word game over internet or bluetooth. Split screen gaming on tablets as well.